Family humor

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While growing up in brown families you are raised in a kind of environment where with every day passing you have to realize who is the boss there. Dealing with parents is easy. But boy o boy, there are different domains if you are the youngest sibling in which you have to answer more than one masters of the family.

Elder brother is the one who uses you as his servant to send you to bring him eatables so that you could continue playing the game with him on the computer, having to the waiter for him is also part…

Politics causing generalization

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Today’s world is different because we made it so.

We can say whatever we want about the times specifically as “times have changed “isn’t true in its true sense. The only thing making sense in this regard is, that only we have changed, we have evolved yes, but we have drifted apart too.

We now, face the times when more people are interested in posting content rather than reading it. …

You will know how important education is

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The bank robbery described here is for educational purposes. The scene is created for example not promoting robbery intentions. The script of bank robbery is the best exemplary way to explain the mind change concept, experience, adjust, self-interests, and happiness, and finally the education.

Robbers in bank

During a bank robbery, the robber shouted and told everyone, “No one should move, everyone should lie down quietly on the ground. The money belongs to the people and life is yours.”

Everyone lay down quietly on the ground. No one moved. It’s called the Mind Change Concept.

When he returned home after the robbery, the…

Introducing story pins from Pinterest

If you are a writer and you are not on Pinterest, then you are missing out on one of the biggest and the most powerful platforms out there. Pinterest may not be as big as Facebook in terms of pure users but it's actually not as far behind as you might think. I was little known to it like you before I reached that great platform via a youtube video. I tried to follow all steps described in youtube videos but could not form a great pin. Then I did some new experiments about making pins that proved to be…

My publications open for all Medium members

If you are new on medium, the first search you are going to do is

the best medium publications accepting all submissions”. Everybody wants to be part of a publication to grow well on the medium. Medium is the platform where you discover many new and unique experiences to improve your stats.

Quest for good, the better and the best is the way to perfection.

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The best thing you are going to experience is a publication. Writing for a good publication is a blessing for new writers. The question here raised is “what is the best medium publication to…

senior-junior first interaction

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The first and last day at college is a memorable experience of life. It is marked with excitement nervousness and fears. Everybody has a dream of a free, independent, and interesting life in the college.

The story started when I first entered medical college after completing the competition exam. I was completely unaware of medical college life and its complex interactions. I came here from a remote area of the country. I met with seniors who guided us to visit the college with our parents. they served us nicely as they were our chum friends and already knew us. After…

relationship advice

A matrimonial divorce settlement is NOT an exact science. If a financial divorce settlement was a straight mathematical equation, we wouldn’t need courts and lawyers to resolve matters. Courts are usually required, under Family Law legislation, to take into account a range of factors in deciding who gets what. Too many women settle for a 50% split of the matrimonial property WITHOUT taking into account matters such as significant disparities between what your husband earns and your own weekly /monthly income and any restrictions your age or health might have on your capacity to earn income.

Another mistake is letting…

Badminton is a sport played by two players of opposition or two pairs of opposition, with racquets. The sport is played in a rectangular court which is divided by a net and the player's mark points by striking the shuttlecock to pass above the net in the adversaries ‘ half of the court.

A gathering of badminton finishes once that the shuttlecock falls to the ground. The rule is that the shuttlecock can only be run up against once by each side, above the net. The shuttlecock is a projectile varied the step which is conceived with the single aerodynamic…

One might think that perfectionism might always drive any human to inevitable success, but this is quite the contrary. Excessive perfectionism is destructive behavior. Although it is a good practice, in theory, to be perfect, we need to understand that reality is far from perfect. As humans, we were not meant to be perfect. We were meant to be flawed, and through these flaws, we were to evolve in time to something close to perfectionism, but never be perfect at all. Just think about it. If we were to be perfect at one point in our lives, further than that…

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The next time you send an e-mail to your family, plan a vacation online, or send a photo of your newborn to your parents, you may want to tip your hat to technology. Technology, and its use, is an integral part of our everyday lives. It is so pervasive, we would be hard-pressed to live in a world without it.

When Sandra Johnson was young, she thought an engineer was a person who drove a train. A few years later, she became the first black woman in the U.S. to earn a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. Now a Chief Technology…

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